St Matthew’s Library consists of four shelves of books for children and adults, which have all been donated by parishioners and are located at the back of the church. The books may be borrowed by simply writing the title of the book and the borrower’s name in the exercise book on top of the bookcase. The children’s books are frequently used by young children during the 9 am Mass.

In the spring of 2014 Fr Tim and the Parish Council authorised the purchase of some new children’s books for the library. In particular we found a children’s missal for the younger children to use at Mass. The most attractive and easy to follow missal that is currently in publication is “My Little Missal” by Maite Roche. Consequently there are now 25 copies of My Little Missal displayed in the library for children’s use at Mass. 

We also took the opportunity to remove any books that were in poor condition.  These have now been replaced with 22 new, children’s, religious books that I’ve chosen for their child friendly content, clear print, simple but engaging text, good illustrations and general attractiveness to children. These books are of interest to a spread of ages: strong board books for the very young,  books on family prayer, the life of Jesus, learning about the faith, bible stories and for the older children books on resolving issues such as sibling rivalry, anger, bullying and bereavement.

The adult books are an eclectic mix on diverse topics, which have all been donated by parishioners. As newer books are donated, those in poor condition are removed. Please feel free to borrow a book. Just write the title of the book and your name in the exercise book on top of the bookcase.