Music and Singing

At present there is music and singing only at the 9.00 am and 11.15 am Sunday Masses.

At present, the 9am singing is accompanied on the guitar, and other guitarists or instrumentalist would be very welcome – just turn up 10 or 15 minutes beforehand to tune up / wise up on what is planned. We would also be very happy to have pianists or keyboard players at the 9am Mass.

Sadly our very faithful organist who has served the Parish over many years at the 11.15 am Mass is no longer able to play, and so we are currently accompanied on an electronic instrument. We would be very glad to have one or more organists for this Mass, or a back-up player for the electronic piano.

Please contact Fr Tim if you are interested in playing either of these Masses. New singers and musicians are always welcome – we would like to form a young people’s music group and anyone interested should please speak to the Parish Priest.