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Parish Priest: Fr. Timothy Hutton (
R.E. Co-ordinator: awaiting appointment
Administration Assistant: Cheryl Myring (Mon-Fri 9am-11am)




SATURDAY       11     18.00(Vigil)   November Dead
SUNDAY           12     09.00             Nicolina Ciccone RIP
 32nd Sunday in         12noon          War Dead
  Ordinary Time         18.00             Nov Dead–Winnie Chenniah RIP
MONDAY          13     10.00             November Dead
TUESDAY         14     10.00             November Dead
WEDNESDAY  15     10.00             November Dead
 St Albert the Great
THURSDAY      16     10.00             November Dead
St Edmund of Abingdon
FRIDAY             17     10.00             November Dead
 St Hilda
SATURDAY      18     10.00             Irene Boultwood & Celia Smith
The Dedication of the Basilicas of Sts  Peter & Paul                (Anniv)
                                    18.00(Vigil)   November Dead
SUNDAY           19     09.00             Florinda De Lima (Anniv)
33rd Sunday in         11.15             Rafael Pino (Intns)
Ordinary Time         18.00             November Dead


Morning Prayer:                  Daily (except Sunday)  09.45 -
Exposition & Benediction  Tuesday                           10.30 – 11.15
Exposition                            Saturday                          10.30 – 11.15
Confessions                        Saturday                          10.30 – 11.15
17.00 – 17.45


Wednesday   15th    10.30           Prayers for our Children          (Church)
                        15th    10.30           UCM                                     (Presbytery)

Thursday       16th    12.45           Bible Timeline                     (Presbytery)
Friday             17th      1.30           Prayer Group                            (Church)


This week              12th                    M & J Ferguson am

Next week              19th                    J Wildsmith am
Mrs Fernandez pm


Please remember the following in your prayers:- Geraldine Keaney, Curzio Pirfo, Czeslaw Czaprowski, Mary Hodgison, Alexandre Silva, Bella King, Mary Ahern, Dominic Manley, Cecil Cain, Margaret Saines, Eileen Murray, John Reynolds, James Elton, Amy D’Souza, Margaret Tso, Michael Coyle, Timor Yonel, Jason Jackson, Michael Dodd, Mrs Klavkowski, Luke Slater, Gerard O’Brien, Joe Da Silva, James Tso, Ann & John Donohoe, Sheila Gain, Mary Wallace, Laura Everest, Anna Benton, Jacob Nuske, Maura Hoarty, Susan Birley, Mary Shea, Michael Nutt.
N.B. Please tell us when people can be taken off the list.


Last week’s Offertory collection amounted to £782.32. Many thanks, as always, for your generosity.


The UCM will meet this Wednesday 15th November, in the Presbytery after the 10am Mass. All are welcome.


It is the custom in St Matthew’s for Mass to be celebrated every day during November for all those souls whose names have been submitted for the November Dead List. Envelopes are available in the Porch.


There will be prayers for the dead at 11.30am on Saturday 25th November. Meet at the Cross of Sacrifice at the War Graves plot.  Blessing of any NEW headstones or grave monuments will take place after the prayers.


There is to be a sale of nearly new toys, books and baby equipment at Emmanuel Church Hall in the High Street from 2-4pm on Saturday 18th November. If you have such items that you would like to sell on commission, email by Monday 13th November.



The programme for those enrolled for 2017/18 begins with a Parents’ Meeting in the Church on Monday 20th November at 7.30pm, and Classes will run from 7-8pm in the Church, starting on Tuesday 21st November. Candidates for Confirmation will be expected to attend the 40 Hours Exposition for at least half an hour on Friday 24th November, and further details will be given at the Parents’ Meeting. Candidates are required to make their public commitment to the programme, at Mass on the weekend of 25th/26th November ideally at the Mass they usually attend.


Our usual 40 Hours Exposition in the run-up to the Feast of Christ the King will begin with Mass at 10am on Wednesday 22nd November, and conclude each night at 8pm, resuming each day at 7am, concluding with Benediction at 11.00am on Saturday 25th November.  It is most important that there is someone in the Church at all times during this extended period of Exposition, and if you can commit to being present at a specific time, you are asked to put your name against the appropriate time on the Watcher’s Lists in the Porch.

Any donations towards the cost of candles would be much appreciated. If you are able to sign a Gift Aid declaration, please use one of the special “One Off” donation envelopes from the Newsletter basket.

Sick & Retired Priests’ Fund of the Diocese of Westminster

Today’s retiring collection is in support of the Sick & Retired Priests’ Fund of the Diocese of Westminster. This Fund ensures our elderly and sick priests are financially supported in their senior years after a lifetime of service. Our priests baptised us, counselled us in times of sorrow and worry, and celebrated with us in times of joy. Since we have received so much from their generosity, it is now our turn to assist them in their old age. The fund ensures that their housing, medical, convalescence, companionship and spiritual support needs are met. Please be generous. Most priests retire with modest means. In later years their ability to live independently can be adversely impacted because of their declining health, mobility or frailty. There are donation leaflets available in the Newsletter basket in the Church Porch. If you are a taxpayer, please use this leaflet to Gift Aid your donation. You can even use it to set up an ongoing donation to this fund. You can also donate online at Thank you for your generosity.


Oaklands Gate Methodist Church are hoping to fill the Church with Nativity scenes this Christmas, and are inviting the local Churches to provide one or more “Cribs” for this festival. A ”Crib” could be a piece of craftwork, a picture, a poem or a story that expresses the maker’s thoughts or understanding about the Nativity. The church will be open for people to view the scenes Wednesday to Saturday 10am to noon until 23rd December.
Anyone interested to creating a “Crib” should please speak to Fr Tim. The “Crib” will need to be delivered to the Church on 2nd December (10am – 12noon). Any background information about the “Crib” e.g. the thinking behind it or the culture represented would be appreciated.


As announced in the Pastoral Letter for Corpus Christi, a National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress, entitled “Adoremus” will take place in Liverpool from 7th to 9th September 2018 and involve every Diocese in England and Wales. On the first day there will be a Theological Symposium, which will include workshops for catechists, R.E. teachers etc. The main part of the Congress takes place on the on the Saturday, when Cardinal Vincent and Bishop Robert Barron will speak. On the final day, there will be pilgrimage Masses and a street procession. More information can be found at All who are interested in attending should please speak to Fr Tim as soon as possible.


Brunel University Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy space on campus at Brunel can be found at The Meeting House in Zone A. Mass is celebrated there once a month. The Catholic Society meets every Wednesday at 5.30pm- 7pm Morning and Evening Prayer is said Mon-Fri at 8.30am and 5.30pm respectively. Lectio Divina takes place each Tuesday at 12.30 – 1pm. Sr Mary Kenefick is the Chaplain and would love to hear from you:
Mass dates for this term at Brunel are as follows: 22 November, 6 December at 1pm in The Meeting House.


The Gift Aid scheme provides a valuable boost to Parish income, and is open to anyone who pays Income Tax and uses a bank Standing Order or Planned Giving envelopes. Please speak to Fr Tim if you would like to join.


The Diocese of Westminster Education Service will always be glad to hear from anyone interested in becoming Foundations Governors of Catholic Schools. Please see the poster outside the Church, or speak to Fr Tim.


Diocesan job vacancies can be seen at New vacancies are added as and when they arise. There are twelve vacancies at the moment, including a part-time Housekeeper at the SPEC Retreat Centre in Pinner, and an Estate Building Surveyor based at Hendon.


To see a wider range of the events around the Diocese that might be of interest, go to

New Foundation Degree for Catholics working in Healthcare and those seeking to be Chaplains.

Starting in October, St Mary’s University Twickenham is pleased to offer a new foundation degree in Healthcare Ethics, Theology and Care. This is a part time two year programme for those seeking to be hospital chaplains and for people working in healthcare settings, from care homes, to hospices and hospitals. Lectures and seminars take place at St Mary’s one evening a week and additional lectures and resources are available online. If you are interested in applying or finding out more please contact


If you wish to make a “one off” donation, or have forgotten your Planned Giving envelopes, please use one of the special envelopes available in the Church Porch, or donate via mobile phone – see below. Unfortunately donation by mobile phone does not qualify for Gift Aid, which needs a record of the donor’s name and address.


Electronic payment is becoming much more common, and we need to keep up with innovations. A donation cane be made to St Matthew’s by mobile phone – just text “Parish NWOOD” to 70800 to donate £5 to our Parish

“Funny Money” – Foreign and Obsolete Currency

Fr Tim collects unwanted coins and banknotes of all sorts, to raise money for CAFOD, and often has coins and notes to sell at advantageous rates to people travelling abroad, so if you’re going abroad how about doing business with Fr Tim? It’s always good to have some coins with you.
If you’re returning from abroad, any unwanted coins or notes can be left in the CAFOD Green Bucket in the Porch or put through Presbytery letterbox.


Families in St Matthew’s often face difficulties in finding a Catholic primary school, as distance from the school is often a deciding factor. The situation seems to have eased a little, and families who can cope with the travel have a much better chance of a place now as compared with recent years. When contacting a school it would be useful to find out if any children with a Certificate of Catholic Practice were refused a place in the last admissions round. If the answer is “none”, it is definitely worth applying.

Arrivals and Departures

If you are newly arrived in the Parish, please make yourself known to Fr Tim, who will usually be outside the Church after all the Sunday Masses, and please also complete one of the pink Household Information forms that can be found just inside the side door of the Church. This can be handed to Fr Tim, or put into the special box in the Porch.
If you are about to leave the Parish, it would be helpful to tell Fr Tim, and if you would like a formal send-off and a blessing at the end of the last Sunday Mass you attend, once again, tell Fr Tim.


Six months’ notice of intention to marry is required in Westminster Diocese (and in most Dioceses). Anyone intending to marry before April, 2018 should speak to Fr Tim as soon as possible, if they have not already done so. For Parish members, or where the marriage is to take place at St Matthew’s, the necessary preparation is usually arranged in the Parish.


A leaflet “Please Consider Remembering Your Parish in Your Will” can be found in the Church Porch.

ECHO is a retreat for young adults aged 16-25.

This is an opportunity to explore the beauty and depth of what the Church teaches about what is to be human, and how we can be happy. The invitation is to join in a journey to discover more of who you were made to be; there will be live music, sports, art, times for questions, times for prayer, times to learn and lots of good food and conversations. Ever wondered what you were made for? Want to live ‘fully alive’? Come join us to find what ECHOs in your heart. More information: /


A number of study events and courses are being offered – please see the details in the external noticeboard. If the cost of travel would be a problem, please speak to Fr Tim.

Responding to the Refugee Crisis

Visit CAFOD’s prayer resource, for inspiration, or learn more about the causes of the crisis and the situation facing refugees in the UK, by visiting, and so be able to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions when you hear them.


In ‘Laudato Si’, Pope Francis reminds us of our duty to care for creation. If you are concerned about climate change and how to respond to the challenge please see Fr Tim to find out more about the opportunity to discuss the issue and find out more about the Pope’s message.


We are always happy to welcome new musicians to accompany our singing at Mass. If you would like to join in, please speak to one of the musicians or singers after Mass, or speak to Fr Tim.


Not all Catholic professionals will be aware of the existence of the Catholic Medical Association, a charitable organisation aimed at the support and education of Catholic ideals among the caring professions. It’s membership is open to Catholic carers including Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers Pharmacists and other professionals involved in the treatment and care of patients in all areas of the NHS and Private sector. For details please visit or

Interested in the Christian approach to Punishment and Prison?

Pact – Prison Advice & Care Trust, a Catholic prison charity is seeking two new trustees to give guidance, to ensure good governance, strategic oversight and direction. Pact is a growing, award-winning independent Catholic national charity working in prisons and communities across England & Wales. Its aim is to offer realistic hope of a fresh start to tens of thousands of prisoners, ex-prisoners, offenders, children and families. To find out more visit or call Chris Dunne: 020 7735 9535

Ministers and Readers

The Ministers’ and Readers’ rota is normally sent out by email to those who have provided an email address, and hard copies are available in the Sacristy for others. Any Minister or Reader unable to fulfil their assigned duty, is asked to please make every effort to find a substitute in good time, or at least inform the Parish office so that the celebrant can be aware of the situation before Mass starts.

Free safeguarding training

An online, interactive E-Learning safeguarding course is now available to all in the Catholic Church. If you have a role (voluntary or paid) working with children/adults at risk or have an interest in safeguarding, this training will help you to learn how to better protect children/ adults at risk in your care and community. Modules available include: Child Exploitation & Online Safety and Adult Safeguarding. To register please email details of your name, parish, and your role e.g. parent, catechist leader, to: For more information ask Fr Tim.


Catholic Singles is an organisation which helps single adult Catholics of all ages meet, either one to one or through social events. Please tel. 0161 941 3498, visit the website or email

Restless Hearts (Adults 18+)

Do you feel restless? Join our group for the opportunity to find hope and inspiration as we search together for direction in our lives. We will share times of prayer, welcome guest speakers, discuss our experiences and draw on the example of St Augustine who always had a restless heart. This group is aimed at people over the age of 18 who would like to discover their vocation in life with the help of God. If you would like to find out more about the group or to join please contact Chiara on

The group meets on the first Thursday of every month in the Augustinian Centre, 55 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith. W6 8AU


This group runs regular social events aimed at 18 to 35s so that young Catholics can get to know each other in London. Visit and join their Facebook group to find out more.


Those who are housebound or otherwise unable to get to Mass regularly and have access to the internet can join in with Mass at St Mary of the Angels Church at Worthing or Holy Apostles Pimlico at the following times:-
St Mary of the Angels: ( Monday, Tuesday, Thursday -Saturday at 10am. Sunday at 8.30 and 10.30am and 7.30pm (Italian).
Holy Apostles Pimlico: ( Monday – Friday 9.30am (preceded by Morning Prayer at 9.15am). Sunday at 9 and 10.30am with a Spanish Mass at 12.30pm.

Supporting St Matthew’s by Standing Order

Following the closure of our local bank branch, the task of banking the collection has been made easier by the number of parishioners who now make their Offertory donations by Standing Order. For those contributing by Standing Order who wish to have something to put in the collection basket, there is a supply of small donation cards in the Porch. Parishioners might also wish to review their support of the parish and adjust any current Standing Order if their circumstances have changed. Equally anyone paying Income Tax who does not currently Gift Aid their donation might consider doing so. Standing Order and Gift Aid forms are available in the Porch. Completed forms should please be put into the Offertory basket, or handed-in at the Presbytery.

Calling all “Facebook” users

When visiting “Facebook”, please add “My Hospital Prayer and Activities Book” as a “like”, to aid its publicity. This unique and original Catholic publication aims to help children pray if they are patients in a hospital.
All proceeds from the book go to “Seasons for Growth Eng. & Wales”, a bereavement charity for children.


We have a small Library of books in the Church Porch. Any book can be borrowed – just put your details in the ‘Lending-out’ book on the top – but some, especially for children, are suitable for use during Mass. There is a good stock of ‘My Little Missal’, which parents might find helpful for use by their children. If you borrow a book during Mass, please make sure it goes back in the right place when you leave, and if you take a book home, please return it when you’ve finished it.


Explore is a charity bringing volunteer married couples into schools and parishes to allow 14 – 17 year olds to explore what marriage is all about, to learn in a dynamic way the importance of lasting relationships and to inspire them to aspire to lifelong marriage. Please consider volunteering (only twice or three times a year) visit Contact or 020 7798 9363.


A Contemplative Prayer Group for young, adults in their 20s and 30s meets at Corpus Christi on Maiden Lane, Covent Garden every Wednesday from 7pm for a time of Eucharistic Adoration, Contemplative Prayer and Personal Intercession. Regular events include the celebration of Mass and a Eucharistic healing service both monthly. They gather for a time of fellowship at the Coal Hole on the Strand afterwards. For further details please contact:

Jesus Christ the fullness of life (JCFL)

JCFL provides a space for Christians from different traditions to come together in prayer and friendship. A Prayer Vigil takes place on the first Thursday of the month at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm St, W1K 3AH at 7.30pm. It includes readings, from Holy Scripture, music, prayer, intercession and silence, after which there is the opportunity to continue the sharing in a local pub. Visit


 All drivers parking in the street are asked not to park on the private driveways next to the Church, and to be careful not to block access to and from the driveways. Space can usually be found in our car park behind the Hall, against the railway fence, or behind the Presbytery. Please take care not to block access to the flats’ car park or the Cook’s Garage site.