Sunday School

St Matthew’s Parish – Sunday School




  • A comprehensive range of classes is provided for children aged from 5 to 13.


  • These classes are intended to supplement the religious education received at home and to fill the gap for those attending non-Catholic schools.


  • Some 90 children in the Parish attended these classes during 2017 and a number of parishioners assist in the teaching of our children.
    We are always keen to involve more parents in the teaching of the children and would welcome new volunteers at any time.


  • Classes are held during ordinary school term time only, at the following times:-


1) Sunday  morning classes from 10am to 10.45am for 5-11yr olds

(including preparation for First Reconciliation

and First Holy Communion).

2) Tuesday evening (6pm to 6.45pm) for 11/12 yr olds in non-Catholic schools


3) Tuesday evening (7.30pm-8.45pm) Confirmation class  for 13/14 yr olds.


During the refurbishment of the Parish Hall, classes for Levels 1-4 are held in the Church and classes for Levels 5, 6 and 7 are held in the Presbytery. During this period classes will start at 10.10am and finish at 10.55am.


Additional classes can be arranged as required for other children, for example where preparation for the Sacrements of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion did not take place at the usual ages.


Older teenagers may be invited to join the adult group for RCIA, if it would be more appropriate.

Families should register their children afresh each year during the Summer term, for the following year. Registration Forms are usually available in the Church Porch in July each year. To help with the cost of books etc, families are asked to make a donation of £15 for each child (maximum £30 per family)

Families moving into the Parish during the year must arrange to see the R.E. Co-ordinator before children can be admitted to a class. Please call 01923 825639 to make an appointment to see her.

 (Sept 2017)

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